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2004年於香港中文大學藝術系(B.A. – Fine Arts)畢業後, 繼續從事音樂及藝術工作。曾參與多個音樂表演及舉辦多個個人和聯合畫展。曾獲爵士樂團Subito邀請作主音歌手﹐於藝穗會及多個本地爵士音樂節演出﹐並獲好評﹗

2004年更獲邀前往韓國首爾代表香港藝術家參加首爾藝術節 (Seoul Fringe Festival) 展出其作品並成為 開幕音樂會表演嘉賓之一。06至07年擔任香港電台電視節目<文化點心>節目主持﹐繼續為本地推廣藝術及文化。

2006年成為OMG (OdysseyMusicGroup) 旗下歌手﹐並於07年 推出其首張個人專輯 <Seoulful>﹐以藝術家/實力歌手打入樂壇。專輯由本地與韓國音樂人攜手合作﹐亦加入萱寧之創作及演奏。


Artist Biography :
Amabel also known as Ama Huen Ning (萱寧) a dedicated artist and singer, graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2004. She has held several solo and group exhibitions and also started her first jazz band Subito in 2003, performing at local live music venues jazz festivals and other corporate & charity events.

In 2004, she was invited as a guest artist representing HK to perform at the Seoul-Fringe Festival, and had her debut overseas exhibition in SUP Gallery and performed with Korean Funk Band, Lazy Monday at the opening ceremony, Seoul.

During 2006-07 she hosted RTHK’s Culture Dim-Sum program to promote local arts and culture. In the same year, she signed under OMG (Odyssey Music Group) record label and released her first acclaimed Canto-pop album Seoulful in 2007, collaboration between Korean and HK musicians, which made to the top of the charts in HMV for more than 2 weeks.

An ambitious and multi-talented artist, Ama continues to paint religiously and currently working on her second album. Her new book named Soul Searching is launched on Jan 8th, 2011.

06/2009 - 萱寧藝術作品展,香港藝穗會
12/2008 - 萱寧個展,Popbites, 中環﹐香港
03-04/2006 - 酴醉。面孔,A’ha Bar , 中環﹐香港
04/2006 - 明愛慈善展, 集成中心, 香港 《四月藝姿》創藝之星
09/2005 - 希望, 香港突破青年村
03/2005 - 人性分割,香港藝穗會
01/2005 - 火炭2005開幕展 , Studio 18, 香港火炭華樂工業中心
11/2004 - 火炭2004開幕展,Paradox, 香港火炭安華工業中心
08-09/2004 - 尋找靈魂, SUP Gallery, 首爾﹐韓國

05/2011-《I love x》藝術工作室開放 + 萱寧、區凱琳、潘蔚然及曾翠薇最新作品. 「薔」, 火炭
11/2010 - 香港愛滋病基金會 『與愛同行 - 藝術與愛滋病』 遮打花園,中環,香港
05/2010 - Gaga 藝術節, Garnerville 藝術工業中心, Garnerville, 紐約
05/2004 本科生畢業展 – StArted,香港中文大學文物館
10/2003 Pi (萱寧、余皓文、何寶容),香港中文大學新亞書院誠明館許氏文化館
03/2003 三點 (萱寧、楊宇靈、吳家心) ,香港中文大學新亞書院誠明館許氏文化館

2002 天主教香港教區勞工牧民中心捲閘畫設計比賽冠軍

Ama Huen Ning
1982 Born in Hong Kong
1999 Graduated from Yew Chung International School
2004 Graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong
With the Degree of Bachelor of Arts (Major in Fine Arts)

Solo Exhibitions
06/2009 - Amabel Huen Ning’s Latest Painting Collection 2009, Hong Kong Fringe Club
Popbites, Central, Hong Kong
03-04/2006 - Sunk in Million Faces,
A’ha Bar, Central, Hong Kong
04/2006 - Caritas Charity Exhibition, C.C. Wu Building, Hong Kong
09/2005 - Hope Breakthrough Village,
New Territories
03/2005 - Dissection,
Hong Kong Fringe Club
01/2005 - Fotanian Studio Opening,
Studio 18, Fotan Wah Lok Industrial Centre
11/2004 - Fotanian 2004,
Paradox, Fotan On Wah Industrial Centre
08-09/2004 - Soul Searching,
SUP Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Joint Exhibitions
05/2011 - I love X Open studio + Recent works by AMA, AU Hoi Lam, Vivian POON & TSANG Chui Mei. Qiáng Studio. Fotan.
11/2010 - Hong Kong Aids Foundation "Positive Lives: – Arts & AIDS", Charter Garden, Central, Hong Kong
05/2010 - Gaga Arts Festival, Garnerville Arts and Industrial Centre, Garnerville, New York
05/2004 - Graduation Show: StArted Art Museum -- The Chinese University of Hong Kong 10/2003 - Pi: Ama Huen Ning, Yolanda Yeung, Ng Ka Sum-- Hui’s Gallery, New Asia College The Chinese University of Hong Kong
03/2003 - Three Dot: Ama Huen Ning, Queenie Yu, Carmen Ho --
Hui’s Gallery, New Asia College

2002 - Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong Diocesan Pastoral Centre for Workers (Hong Kong Island) First Prize in Screen Painting Competition


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